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"Desrochers and Shimizu take the idea of local food back of the barn and beat the holy livin' tar out of it. The idea of food miles will never again rear its ugly head in polite company, nor should we have to hear about how far farmers are from their consumers... That's how important this book is." -Blake Hurst, President, Missouri Farm Bureau (from the book's Foreword)


They might as well have called the book, Shut Up and Eat What We Give You, You Naive, Romantic Hippies! -Beatnik Mary (05/03/2012)


They argue urbanization has brought prosperity; globalization wields peace and security; "food miles" is a joke; packaged food is safer than handling it at home; and the notion of peak oil (someday running out of fuel with which to haul all that food across the world) is an "untenable proposition," since we'll just go back to coal. A provocative take, to be sure, and one that will invite the ire of the 99%. -Publishers Weekly (04/30/2012)

Newspapers, magazines and news websites

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Academic and experts

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Blogs, websites, etc.

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